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Friday Health.mil News Round-Up: Troop Suicide Rates Decline in Second Quarter; Liberian police get training to prevent disease spread

The following articles were recently posted on Health.mil:
Troop Suicide Rates Decline in Second Quarter
Dec. 11, 2014
The Defense Department released the quarterly suicide report for April through June of 2014, and the numbers, officials said, indicate a drop from first-quarter statistics for all services and components.
Read more at: www.health.mil/News/Articles/2014/12/11/Troop-Suicide-Rates-Decline-in-Second-Quarter

First aid classes to help prevent spread of diseases, increase readiness of Liberian policeDec. 11, 2014
Soldiers from Fort Stewart, Georgia, provided a first aid training class to Liberian law enforcement personnel at the National Police Training Academy that could help protect them from diseases such as the Ebola virus.
Read more at: www.health.mil/News/Articles/2014/12/11/First-aid-classes-to-help-prevent-spread-of-diseases-increase-readiness-of-Liberian-police

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