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Fogarty/NIH news: Ebola vaccine, sickle cell disease, gut infection and child development

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November / December 2014 Global Health Matters e-newsletter
November / December 2014

Healthcare worker outside Ebola clinic in full protective gear covering holds gate closed, warns away approaching people

NIH accelerates clinical trials of Ebola vaccines

The NIH is helping guide two front-runner Ebola vaccine candidates through early-stage human trials.
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More on Ebola:

Close-up of President Barack Obama touring NIH Vaccine Research Center, listening attentively to researcher

Obama visits NIH to call for more funding for Ebola research

President Barack Obama visited the NIH campus to see firsthand the progress that biomedical research is making against Ebola virus disease.
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International collaboration, capacity building discussed at key events

Roger Glass seated on a stage during the World Health Summit with two other men, multiple flags in the background

During key global health conferences, Fogarty Director Dr. Roger I. Glass presented on critical global health research issues, including international collaboration and capacity building.

Young girl standing on the doorstep in a doorway holds a large bowl

Study probes link between intestinal infections, child development

The global MAL-ED project is examining intestinal infections, which can permanently undermine physical and cognitive development in early childhood.
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Research effort tackles child obesity

Children happily run and play outside in a school courtyard

Researchers, policymakers and implementers must work together to turn the tide of childhood obesity and malnutrition in Latin America according to participants in a recent NIH workshop.
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Young child in very dirty clothes, parent seated in background looking down

Focus on sickle cell disease research

Additional research is needed to develop safe, low-cost methods to diagnose and treat sickle cell disease in Africa.
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