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SAMHSA News: Building the Workforce, the New Strategic Plan, and More

SAMHSA News: Building the Workforce, the New Strategic Plan, and More


We’ve all heard it: stress and work overload that leads to drinking alcohol more frequently.

The Affordable Care Act has made behavioral health care more accessible. It has also increased the need for trained service providers. SAMHSA recently launched a new strategic initiative to address the workforce shortage.

SAMHSA just released "Leading Change 2.0," its strategic plan for fiscal years 2015 to 2018. Check out the six Strategic Initiatives that will support and promote behavioral health across the Nation!
People with a serious mental illness typically experience the first signs during adolescence or early adulthood. Yet long intervals frequently occur before they receive assistance. SAMHSA is helping states use part of their Community Mental Health Services Block Grant to address the need.
Hospital emergency rooms are not the only option when a mental health crisis occurs. Learn more about crisis services that offer an array of prevention and response alternatives.
New findings show that using alcohol early in life can increase the odds of substance use issues in adulthood. SAMHSA programs and resources are available to prevent and reduce youth drug use.
SAMHSA's 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows areas of continued improvement—especially for youth.
SAMHSA's recently released annual report on federal and state efforts to comply with the Synar Regulation show that all states continue to meet their goals of reducing illegal tobacco sales to minors.
Looking for ways to prevent bullying? The Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit highlighted successful strategies and resources to prevent bullying and promote a positive school climate.
A new SAMHSA Office of Tribal Affairs and Policy focuses on reducing behavioral health disparities among American Indian/Alaska Native populations.

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