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NCIRD: Adolescent and Adult Vaccine Quiz

NCIRD: Adolescent and Adult Vaccine Quiz

Adolescent and Adult Vaccine Quiz

what vaccines do you need
Did you know that certain vaccines are recommended for adults and adolescents?* Take this quick quiz to find out which vaccines YOU may need.

* This quiz provides information for people age 11 years and older.
  1. Answer the questions below.
  2. Get a list of vaccines you may need based on your answers (this list may include vaccines you have already had).
  3. Discuss the vaccines on the list with your doctor or healthcare professional.
Part One, About You
  1. Are you
  2. For women only (Some vaccines can affect pregnancy.)

Part Two, About Your Life
You may need certain vaccines because of where you live, the kind of work you do, or other lifestyle factors.
  1. Will you be traveling outside the U.S. in the near future?
  2. Do you have a weakened immune system due to illness, medications or
    HIV with CD4 count less than 200?
  3. Are you a first-year college student who lives in a dormitory at college or a new military recruit?
  4. Are you a resident in a nursing home or chronic-care facility?
  5. Do you work with patients in a nursing home, doctor’s office, hospital, or other healthcare setting?
  6. Some of the conditions and behaviors listed below can put you at higher risk of certain infections.
  7. Do you have any of these diseases or medical conditions? Check all that apply to you.
  8. Review the behaviors listed below and check those that apply to you:
  9. Have you had chickenpox disease in the past or have you been vaccinated against chickenpox?
That's it! Just click "My Results" to find out which vaccines you may need.

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