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Alzheimer's Disease & Genetics: Recent Insights


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Alzheimer's Disease & Genetics: Recent Insights

a head being drawn with a red marker with neurons in the background
Did you know? 1615 genes have beern reported in relation to risk our outcomes of Alzheimer's disease, including 149 genomewide association studies? ApoE is the most commonly reported gene. To find out more, visit the HuGE NavigatorExternal Web Site Icon

Recent Insights
Apolipoprotein E and Alzheimer disease: risk, mechanisms and therapy.External Web Site Icon 
Chia-Chen Liu et al.  Nature Reviews Neurology 9, 106-118 (February 2013)
Methylomic profiling implicates cortical deregulation of ANK1 in Alzheimer's disease.External Web Site Icon 
Katie Lunnon et al. Nature Neuroscience, August 18, 2014

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