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5 yoga tips, warm weather food safety, origami microscope, preserving livers for transplantation

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A woman stretching on a yoga mat.

5 Things You Should Know About Yoga

Learn about scientific research on the effectiveness and safety of yoga. (From NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine).

Illustration of a man placing food in the refrigerator.

Food Safety for Warmer Weather

It can be hard to keep foods safe to eat during warmer weather. Learn how to handle food properly to avoid the misery of food poisoning. (From NIH News in Health)

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins using the Foldscope microscope.

Print-and-Fold Origami Microscope for 50 cents

The Foldscope is a “use and throwaway” microscope designed by Stanford University bioengineer Manu Prakash to help global health workers diagnose disease. (From the NIH Director’s Blog)

Supercooled rat liver.

Preserving Livers for Transplantation

A new technique increased the time that rat livers can remain viable outside the body. If the approach succeeds in humans, it could aid organ transplant efforts. (From NIH Research Matters)

A woman holding her newborn baby.

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