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Prevention and Recovery: Collaborations Foster Support and Hope


An interactive page offers a sneak peek at the National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day public service announcements to be released in May 2014 and provides information about other developments and upcoming events.

Prevention and Recovery: Collaborations Foster Support and Hope

Every year, SAMHSA facilitates national days of awareness and recognition - like National Recovery Month andNational Prevention Week - in a collective effort with states and communities to address mental health and substance abuse prevention and recovery. 2014 activities have been met with enthusiasm, innovation, and the use of technology to deepen the impact.
Have a sneak peek at some of the National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day videos!

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

May 8th marks this year’s annual observance of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, with over 1,100 communities and 140 national organizations participating. SAMHSA is planning a launch event on May 6th to highlight the unique needs of young adults, ages 16-25, who have mental health challenges around issues of housing, education, employment, and healthcare access. SAMHSA will launch a hashtag challenge beginning April 1, 2014 to encourage a national dialogue about the value of peer support for young adults with behavioral health challenges. Those interested can join the national event by registering or viewing the live webcast.

National Prevention Week Plans

National Prevention Week 2014 will be held May 18-24 with the prevention theme “Our Lives. Our Health. Our Future.” Aiming to inform and engage individuals and communities around substance abuse prevention and treatment and mental health issues, SAMHSA launched a promotional video and also the “I Choose” Project, where images of the reason for choosing prevention are displayed. “I Choose” images are also being posted onSAMHSA’s flickr page. Plans are well under way, with many communities spotlighting their plansPromotional materials are available to help spread the word and individuals wanting to share their Prevention Pledge can do so by adding a brick to the pledge wall on Facebook.
National Prevention Day
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National Prevention Day

SAMHSA’s 10th National Prevention Day took place on February 3, 2014. In addition to the launch of National Prevention Week’s 2014 promotional video, participants found a host of courses focused on strengthening behavioral health and public health for the next decade. Prescription drug misuse and abuse prevention was highlighted, as was underage drinking prevention.

Road to Recovery Television Series

In March 2014, SAMHSA premiered the Road to Recovery Television series as a learning platform to explore recovery and treatment issues. After their air dates, programs are available online for replay. Some of this year’s shows include:
Join the Voices for Recovery: Speak Up, Reach Out! (Click to View!)
This episode will highlight the many accomplishments of the 2013 Recovery Month campaign and look forward to a successful September 2014 Recovery Month.
Understanding Diverse Cultures in Delivering Recovery Services (Click to View!)
Treatment and Recovery in the Juvenile and Adult Criminal Justice Systems (Airs: 05/01/2014)
Disasters and Behavioral Health - Helping Survivors Recover from Trauma (Airs: 06/02/2014)
Using New Technologies to Expand Treatment and Recovery Services (Airs: 07/01/2014)
Growing Up With Addiction and/or Mental Health Disorders-Prevention by Targeting Troubled Families (Airs: 08/01/2014)
Supporting Recovery with Safe, Sober, and Peer-Oriented Housing (Airs: 09/01/2014)

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