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PHG Foundation | Fresh UK investment in genomics and bioinformatics

PHG Foundation | Fresh UK investment in genomics and bioinformatics

Fresh UK investment in genomics and bioinformatics

16 April 2014   |   By Dr Philippa Brice   |   News story

Sources: TSB funding competitionGenomeWeb news

The UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB)is to provide new investment of up to £2 million for collaborative feasibility studies to stimulate innovation in different areas of ‘enabling technologies’, including biosciences.

The TSB will provide part-funding to conduct early-stage projects with a ‘significant level of technical risk’ that involves ‘some level of uncertainty about how the proposed technical approach will work in practice’; business partners are expected to provide the rest of the funding. Projects must be led by a ‘small or micro’ company with at least one business or research partner, and cost between £50-£150k.
In addition, Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI) is to make a further £500k available for applicants based in Northern Ireland and the Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE)a further £250k for applicants based in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.
In the biosciences, appropriate types of studies are said to include:
  • commercial application of sequencing technologies focusing on genomics 
  • integration and exploitation of phenotyping technologies 
  • integration of 'omics technologies eg. metabolomic, proteomic, genomic and phenomic data collection and interpretation capabilities 
  • biological imaging systems, biosensors, probes/ markers, diagnostic platforms. 
  • novel biological production systems 
  • bioinformatics approaches to data organisation, filtering and interpretation
The competition will open on 6th May and run until 25 June.

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