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Healthy Community Design | CDC Features

Healthy Community Design | CDC Features

Healthy Community Design

Your address can play an important role in how long you live and how healthy you are. The physical design of your community affects your health every time you step out your front door. Sometimes making healthy choices is not easy—being physically active is hard if you do not have access to sidewalks or parks, and eating right is hard if healthy foods are not available.
You can help make the healthy choice the easy choice by:
  • Photo: The way we design and build our communities can affect our physical and mental health.attending community meetings where decisions are made about how land will be used,
  • talking with elected officials, and
  • working for policy change
Your actions can help:
  • reverse adult and childhood obesity
  • reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes
  • lower air pollution
  • reduce traffic injuries
  • make the community stronger and more enjoyable for everyone
  • increase safety and reduce crime
Your input on land use decision in your community can help make everyone happier and healthier.
To help you provide input on land-use decisions in your community, CDC has created a Healthy Community Design Checklist Toolkit. This resource has information and education materials to help individuals, public health officials, and planners enhance the health and the livability of their neighborhoods. The toolkit is available at www.cdc.gov/healthyplaces/toolkit.
For more information on designing and building healthy places, go towww.cdc.gov/healthyplaces.

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