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An international effort towards developing stand... [Genome Biol. 2014] - PubMed - NCBI

An international effort towards developing stand... [Genome Biol. 2014] - PubMed - NCBI

 2014 Mar 25;15(3):R53. [Epub ahead of print]

An international effort towards developing standards for best practices in analysis, interpretation and reporting of clinical genome sequencing results in the CLARITY Challenge.

Brownstein CABeggs AHHomer NMerriman BYu TWFlannery KCDechene ETTowne MCSavage SKPrice ENHolm IALuquette LJLyon EMajzoub JNeupert PMcCallie D JrSzolovits PWillard HFMendelsohn NJTemme RFinkel RSYum SWMedne LSunyaev SRAdzhubey ICassa CAde Bakker PIDuzkale HDworzy Ski PFairbrother WFrancioli LFunke BHGiovanni MAHandsaker RELage KLebo MSLek MLeshchiner IMacarthur DG,McLaughlin HMMurray MFPers THPolak PPRaychaudhuri SRehm HLSoemedi RStitziel NOVestecka SSupper JGugenmus CKlocke BHahn A,Schubach MMenzel MBiskup SFreisinger PDeng MBraun MPerner SSmith RJAndorf JLHuang JRyckman KSheffield VCStone EMBair TBlack-Ziegelbein EABraun TADarbro BDeluca APKolbe DLScheetz TEShearer AESompallae RWang KBassuk AGEdens EMathews KMoore SA,Shchelochkov OATrapane PBossler ACampbell CAHeusel JWKwitek AMaga TPanzer KWassink TVan Daele DAzaiez HBooth KMeyer NSegal MMWilliams MSTromp GWhite PCorsmeier DFitzgerald-Butt SHerman GLamb-Thrush DMcBride KLNewsom DPierson CRRakowsky ATMaver A,Lovre I LPalanda I APeterlin BTorkamani AWedell AHuss MAlexeyenko ALindvall JMMagnusson MNilsson DStranneheim HTaylan FGilissen C,Hoischen Avan Bon BYntema HNelen MZhang WSager JZhang LBlair KKural DCariaso MLennon GGJaved AAgrawal SNg PCSandhu KS,Krishna SVeeramachaneni VIsakov OHalperin EFriedman EShomron NGlusman GRoach JCCaballero JCox HCMauldin DAment SARowen L,Richards DRLucas FAGonzalez-Garay MLCaskey CTBai YHuang YFang FZhang YWang ZBarrera JGarcia-Lobo JMGonzález-Lamuño DLlorca J,Rodriguez MCVarela IReese MGDe La Vega FMKiruluta ECargill MHart RKSorenson JMLyon GJStevenson DABray BEMoore BMEilbeck KYandell MZhao HHou LChen XYan XChen MLi CYang CGunel MLi PKong YAlexander ACAlbertyn ZIBoycott KMBulman DEGordon PMInnes AM,Knoppers BMMajewski JMarshall CRParboosingh JSSawyer SLSamuels MESchwartzentruber JKohane ISMargulies DM.



There is tremendous potential for genome sequencing to improve clinical diagnosis and care once it becomes routinely accessible, but this will require formalizing research methods into clinical best practices in the areas of sequence data generation, analysis, interpretation and reporting. The CLARITY Challenge was designed to spur convergence in methods for diagnosing genetic disease starting from clinical case history and genome sequencing data. DNA samples were obtained from three families with heritable genetic disorders and genomic sequence data was donated by sequencing platform vendors. The challenge was to analyze and interpret these data with the goals of identifying disease causing variants and reporting the findings in a clinically useful format. Participating contestant groups were solicited broadly, and an independent panel of judges evaluated their performance.


A total of 30 international groups were engaged. The entries reveal a general convergence of practices on most elements of the analysis and interpretation process. However, even given this commonality of approach, only two groups identified the consensus candidate variants in all disease cases, demonstrating a need for consistent fine-tuning of the generally accepted methods. There was greater diversity of the final clinical report content and in the patient consenting process, demonstrating that these areas require additional exploration and standardization.


The CLARITY Challenge provides a comprehensive assessment of current practices for using genome sequencing to diagnose and report genetic diseases. There is remarkable convergence in bioinformatic techniques, but medical interpretation and reporting are areas that require further development by many groups.

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