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Cancer Prevention During Midlife Supplement

Cancer Prevention During Midlife Supplement

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A diverse group of people
CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control is pleased to announce that a supplemental issue on "Opportunities for Cancer Prevention During Midlife" published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine is now available (open access) online. The authors are experts from many different professions, showing the importance of working together to find effective ways to prevent cancer.
Midlife, the time roughly between 45 and 64 years of age, is when the effects of harmful exposures and health behaviors often start to appear. At this age, adults may experience the onset of chronic diseases or other health problems. During this time of unique life transitions and health challenges, adults can make positive changes to reduce their cancer risk and support health during midlife and beyond.

Articles in the Supplement

Background: Midlife as a Critical Period for Prevention

Cancer Risk and Protective Factors During Midlife

Taking Public Health Action to Prevent Cancer

Concluding Commentary

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