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Perceptions of Tap Water and School Water Fountains

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                                                                                                                       January 27, 1014

Perceptions of Tap Water and School Water Fountains and Association with Intake of Plain Water and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
A new CDC study published online in the Journal of School Health, found that among youth surveyed, 1 in 5 youth perceive their tap water to be unsafe and nearly 2 in 5 youth consider their school water fountains to be unsafe or unclean. Researchers examined how these perceptions relate to consumption of plain water and sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) and whether the relationship differs according to race and ethnicity.
Student drinking water
Data were collected through the 2010 YouthStyles mail survey. Responses were received from 1,197 participants ages 9-18, yielding a response rate of 49.9%, and also showed the following:
  • There is a high prevalence of low plain water intake among youth. Nearly half of the participants (43.6%) drank plain water twice per day or less often.
  • SSB intake was common. Nearly half, 47.2% of participants drank SSB one time per day or more.
  • Perceived tap water safety concerns were more prevalent among non-Hispanic Blacks (26.4%) and Hispanics (28.3%) compared with non-Hispanic Whites (14.7%) and more prevalent among lower-income youth.
  • Negative water fountain perceptions were more common among high school-aged youth compared to younger youth.
  • Perceived tap water safety concern was not associated with SSB intake or water intake.
  • Negative water fountain perceptions were associated with daily SSB intake only among Hispanics, but were not associated with water intake.
Researchers concluded that a closer look at children's perceptions of both tap water and school water fountains would help to inform school-based and public health efforts to encourage water consumption for youth.

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