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New Pew Report Released: The Diagnosis Difference

New Pew Report Released: The Diagnosis Difference

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11/26/2013 01:00 PM EST

Editor’s note: As we approach World AIDS Day, we thank the thousands of individuals worldwide working on, before, and after each HIV/AIDS awareness observance day to help move us toward an AIDS-free generation. We encourage each of our readers to find a meaningful way to laud friends and colleagues for their work on HIV/AIDS. There...
11/26/2013 12:47 PM EST

Editor’s Note: Scientific and technological advances have made HIV a manageable chronic disease for many people, allowing individuals to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. With World AIDS Day (December 1) approaching, Pew Research Center’s new report about how people living with a chronic disease access health information and use social media is particularly timely....

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