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Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology


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Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology

Telltale hearts. Each year, tens of thousands of young people worldwide die suddenly after their hearts stop beating for no apparent reason. Genetic testing for inherited heart rhythm disorders AKA 'molecular autopsies' are rarely performed.External Web Site Icon
Jeanne Erdmann. Nature Medicine, Nov 8
Extensive variation in chromatin states across humansExternal Web Site Icon
Maya Kasowski et al, Science, Nov 8
Genetics driving epigenetics.External Web Site Icon
Terrence S. Furey et al. Science, Nov 8
Genome-wide consequences of deleting any single geneExternal Web Site Icon
Teng X, et al. Molecular Cell, 2013 Nov 7
The vicious cycle of under-valued cancer biomarkers. Could sweeping changes bring more tests into clinical practice?External Web Site Icon
Genna Rollins, American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Nov 2013
Blog post: One person, many genomes,External Web Site Icon by Tom Insel, NIMH Director, Nov 2013
First director named for NHGRI's new Division of Genomics and Society,External Web Site Icon NIH News, Nov 14
NextCODE Health Mines deCODE's data, and more, to catalyze clinical diagnosis,External Web Site Icon by Ricki Lewis, DNA Science Blog, Nov 14
When causal disease alleles don't cause disease (or is that the norm?)External Web Site Icon By Anne Buchanan, The Mermaid's Tale, Nov 13
Can genomics blow up the clinical trial?External Web Site Icon Technology Review, Nov 12
How much bioinformatics does the new biologist need?External Web Site Icon By Ayanna Monteverdi, mendelspod, Nov 11
Weak statistical standards implicated in scientific irreproducibility- One-quarter of studies that meet commonly used statistical cutoff may be false.External Web Site Icon Erika Check Hayden, Nature News , Nov 11
Documentary: Exosomes – the next small thing,External Web Site Icon by Alexey Bersenev, Nov 9
Receptive to replication: Do replication studies belong in top-tier journals?External Web Site Icon Nature Biotechnology, Nov 8
Heterogeneity in cancer genomics,External Web Site Icon Ewan’s Blog, Nov 7
Practicing precision medicine in cancer using genomics - Louis Staudt,External Web Site Icon Video, Nov 7

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