lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Diabetes, Family History, Genetics, & Prevention Programs


Diabetes, Family History, Genetics, & Prevention Programs

diabetes is highlighted with a pen
CDC National Registry of Recognized Diabetes Prevention Programs:  Can be used by health care providers to refer patients to a local program; and to also help people who want to make a lifestyle change to prevent type 2 diabetes.
CDC information: Prediabetes: Am I at risk?
CDC information: Does diabetes run in your family? Take steps towards better health!
Did you know? More than 3000 genes have been reported with risk of type 2 diabetes and its outcomes, including more than 120 genomewide association studies. To find out more, visit the HuGE NavigatorExternal Web Site Icon
Check out genetic disorders and tests associated with diabetes at the NIH Genetic Testing RegistryExternal Web Site Icon

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