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Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young ▲ Genomics|Update|Current


Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young

teenagers playing scoccer
Screening for sudden cardiac death before participation in high school and collegiate sports Adobe PDF file [PDF 115.19 KB]External Web Site Icon
American College of Preventive Medicine Position Statement on Preventive Practice, Jul 2013
Sudden cardiac death of the young: surveillance and prevention project,External Web Site Icon Michigan Department of Community Health
Screening NCAA athletes for sudden cardiac death riskExternal Web Site Icon? Science Daily, Apr 19
Too young to die - An update on the impact of sudden cardiac death of the young in Michigan 1999 - 2011 Adobe PDF file [PDF 827.69 KB]External Web Site Icon
CDC blog post: Can sudden cardiac death of the young be prevented?
Did you know?  101 genes have been reported with risk of sudden cardiac death including 5 genomewide association studies.External Web Site Icon The most common reported genes are SCN5, KCNH2 and KCNQ1.

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