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CDC - Winnable Battles - Targets

CDC - Winnable Battles - Targets

Winnable Battles: Targets

3D Depiction of Pie Chart A critical part of the Winnable Battles effort is the ability to set clear, actionable targets to help achieve significant progress in a relatively short time period. From decreasing deaths and injuries due to motor vehicle crashes to reducing the number of healthcare-associated infections and lowering the obesity rates, CDC and its public health partners are working toward measurable progress in these areas.
Click on a Winnable Battle below to learn more about targets in these areas and better understand national trends:
All Winnable Battle Targets Adobe PDF file
Provides all Winnable Battle targets in a printer-friendly format.
Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)
Ensure safe healthcare for all Americans by reducing healthcare-associated infections.
Prevent new HIV infections and ensure quality health care for persons living with HIV.
Motor Vehicle Safety
Keep people safe on the road - every day.
Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity
Support all Americans in achieving a healthy weight by...
Food Safety
Keep America's food supply safe by preventing and responding to foodborne outbreaks.
Teen Pregnancy
Reduce teen preganancy and its contribution to the poverty cycle for teens and their families.
Prevent the initiation of tobacco use, promote quitting, and ensure smoke-free environments.

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