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New CDC Report: 1 in 5 Teen Births is a Repeat Birth

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Preventing Repeat Teen Births

Nearly one in five teen births is a repeat birth, according to the newest Vital Signs report. A repeat birth is a second (or more) pregnancy resulting in a live birth before the age of 20. Though data from CDC's National Vital Statistics System show that teen birth rates in the United States have declined, there were almost 67,000 repeat teen births among teens aged 15–19 years in 2010. Repeat teen births were highest among American Indian/Alaska Natives (22%), Hispanics (21%), and non-Hispanic blacks (20%), and lowest among non-Hispanic whites (15%).

Learn the Facts: Teen Birth Control Use Postpartum

  • 91% of sexually active teen mothers used some form of birth control, but only about 22% used the most effective types of birth control.

  • White (25%) and Hispanic (28%) teen mothers were almost twice as likely as black teen mothers (14%) to use the most effective types of birth control.

  • Long-acting reversible birth control can be a good option for a teen mother. Implants and IUDs are two types. These do not require her to do something on a regular basis—such as take a pill each day.

Repeat teen births can be prevented. Learn what you can do to help break the cycle of teen pregnancy.

Prevent Repeat Births

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