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CDC - Adults - Vaccines

CDC - Adults - Vaccines

Resources for Educating Adult Patients about Vaccines

Doctor talking to patient. Educate your patients about vaccine-preventable diseases and encourage them to get vaccinated.
Thousands of adults in the United States die each year from diseases that they could have been vaccinated against. Many adults remain unvaccinated because they are unaware or misinformed about the need for vaccines beyond childhood.
As a health care professional, you understand the importance of immunization as our best defense against serious, sometimes deadly diseases. To learn more about recommended vaccines for adults, listen to this podcast by Dr. Carolyn Bridges.
Download and use the free materials below to educate and encourage your patients to get vaccinated. You will find print materials such as posters and brochures, all of which are copyright free. All pieces are in English and many are also available in Spanish. You can also order some of these materials directly from CDC for your practice. You will also find links to digital media you can link to or download. These are ideal for your practice’s Web page or to show on an electronic display in your practice.

Disease-specific Resources

Patient-specific Resources

  • Adults (General)
  • Older Adults
  • Pregnant
  • Travelers
  • Adults with Special
    Health Conditions
  • Healthcare Workers
Patient Handouts
These materials can be printed on your office printer and given to patients to take home for more detailed information about recommended vaccines.


These flyers can be printed on your office printer and posted on bulletin boards in health care offices, clinics, or in patient exam rooms. All materials encourage adults to ask about the vaccines they might need.
Printed size: 8.5" x 11"


Adults Need Vaccines Too

Vaccine Scene Investigation

Adults Need Immunizations Too

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