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Acta Tropica | Vol 121, Iss 3, Pgs 157-332, (March, 2012) |

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Acta Tropica Vol 121, Iss 3, Pgs 157-332, (March, 2012)

Journal Publishes Special Issue of Studies from NIAID Malaria Research Centers

This month, academic journal Acta Tropica published a special issue of early studies from NIAID's International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research (ICEMRs). The issue, prefaced by a foreword by NIAID program director Malla Rao, Ph.D., includes articles from each of the ten Centers and two more general papers on malaria research.

Read the special issue online at:
The ICEMRs, established in July 2010, comprise a global network of independent research centers in malaria-endemic countries. They aim to provide knowledge, tools, and evidence-based strategies to support researchers working in a variety of settings, especially in governments and health care institutions. By responding to emerging public health needs and existing challenges, their work will help bring critical infrastructure to malaria-endemic regions and build upon local training and research efforts.

For more information about the ICEMR program, visit:

Volume 121, Issue 3, Pages 157-332 (March 2012)

Tackling The Malaria "End Game": Regional Needs And Challenges For Successful Malaria Elimination
Edited by Malla Rao, Walther Wernsdorfer and Bart Knols

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