lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Making Spring Break Safer for Women |

Making Spring Break Safer for Women |

Spring Break: Smart and Healthy Choices for Women
No classes, no papers and no projects-students can't wait for spring break. But before campus clears out for the week, you can help the female students you serve learn to enjoy their time away a little more safely. These free publications from the Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women's Health help women learn more about
topics ranging from sunscreen to tattoos, beauty products to allergy relief, sexual health to smoking.
Springtime is almost here, so click to order your free publications now Hand them out when students stop by your health center and at special events around campus.

  1. Tattoos and Permanent Make Up Fact Sheet (341 Kb)
  2. Sunscreens and Tanning Fact Sheet (315 Kb)
  3. Birth Control: Medicines to Help You (2.04 Mb)
  4. HPV (human papillomavirus) Fact Sheet (253 Kb)
  5. Women and HIV Factsheet (104 Kb)
  6. Smoking: Medicines to Help You (236 Kb)
  7. Hair Dye and Hair Relaxers Fact Sheet (110 Kb)
  8. Cosmetics Fact Sheet (104 Kb)
  9. Health Scams (1.63 Mb)
  10. Asthma Fact Sheet (109 Kb)
  11. Allergies Fact Sheet (109 Kb)
  12. Light, Low, Mild or Similar Descriptors (Cigarettes) (90 Kb)
  13. My Medicines Brochure (273 Kb)

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