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Thyroid disease fact sheet |

Thyroid disease fact sheet

What Women Want to Know
Highlights from the information and referral center
A woman wrote to us after having her thyroid gland removed due to Graves’ disease. She wondered how the treatment for Graves’ disease would affect her ability to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. We sent her information on Graves' disease, like its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. We also sent her information on pregnancy and Graves’ disease. We strongly suggested she follow up with her doctor about her concerns. We also reminded her that if she wasn’t comfortable with her doctor's recommendations, it is wise to get a second opinion.
  • Thyroid Disease Fact Sheet
  • Graves' Disease Fact Sheet
  • How to Get a Second Opinion
  • Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy and Fertility (Copyright © Columbia University Medical Center)
  • Pregnancy and Thyroid Disease

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