jueves, 28 de diciembre de 2023

In Mouse Study, KRAS-Targeted Drug Shows Potential against Pancreatic Cancer

https://www.cancer.gov/news-events/cancer-currents-blog/2023/pancreatic-cancer-kras-g12d-mrtx1133?cid=eb_govdel Progress continues in targeting a hard-to-hit cancer protein KRAS has been one of the most hard-to-hit targets in cancer research. But over the past 2 years, two new drugs, sotorasib (Lumakras) and adagrasib (Krazati), have been approved to treat people with non-small cell lung cancer that has the KRAS G12C mutation. This mutation occurs less frequently in other cancers and is only seen in about 1%–2% of pancreatic cancers. Even so, researchers have begun testing both drugs in small clinical trials of people with other cancers with KRAS G12C mutations. In a trial involving 38 patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, for example, sotorasib shrank tumors in about 20% of participants. Similar results were seen with adagrasib in a trial involving people with advanced colorectal cancer.v

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