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C. neoformans Infection | Fungal Diseases | CDC

C. neoformans Infection | Fungal Diseases | CDC

C. neoformans Infection

Cryptococcus neoformans is a fungus that lives in the environment throughout the world. People can become infected with C. neoformans after breathing in the microscopic fungus, although most people who are exposed to the fungus never get sick from it. C. neoformans infections are extremely rare in people who are otherwise healthy; most cases occur in people who have weakened immune systems, particularly those who have advanced HIV/AIDS.
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C. neoformans Infection Topics

A photomicrograph of Cryptococcus neoformans using a light India ink staining preparation. Credit: CDC/ Dr. Leanor Haley.Definition
What is C. neoformans infection?
Man holding head.Symptoms
Learn about C. neoformansinfection symptoms
Dipstick testRisk & Prevention
Who is at risk?
A diagram showing aspergilloma affecting human lung.Sources of Infection
How do people get C. neoformansinfection?
lab worker holding blood sampleDiagnosis & Testing
How is C. neoformans infection diagnosed?
Man pouring pills in his handTreatment & Outcomes
Antifungal treatment
A group of doctorsHealth Professionals
Technical information about C. neoformans infection
A pie chart graphic of global burden of HIV-related cryptococcal meningitisStatistics
How common is C. neoformansinfection?

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