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C. gattii Infections | Fungal Disease | CDC

C. gattii Infections | Fungal Disease | CDC

C. gattii Infection

Case Reporting

C. gattii infection is reportable in some states. Healthcare providers, please click here for more information about how to report cases.
Cryptococcus gattii is a fungus that lives in the environment in many tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world as well as British Columbia and the U.S. Pacific Northwest. C. gattiicryptococcosis is a rare infection that people can get after breathing in the microscopic fungus. The infection can affect the lungs, central nervous system, or both.
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C. gattii Infection Topics

A photomicrograph of CryptococcusDefinition
What is C. gattii infection?
Women coughing. Man with headache.Symptoms
Learn about C. gattii infection symptoms
Woman doctor and patientRisk & Prevention
Who is at risk?
cryptococcus gattii life cycleSources of Infection
How do people get C. gattii infection?
Doctor using microscope at desk in laboratory.Diagnosis & Testing
How is C. gattii infection diagnosed?
Man pouring pills in his handTreatment
Antifungal treatment
A pie chart graphic.Statistics
How common is C. gattii infection?
A lady with a puppy looking at a laptop.More Resources
More resources and related links

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