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Genomics|Update|Non Communicable Diseases ► Reviews, News and Commentaries

Genomics|Update|Non Communicable Diseases

Non Communicable Diseases wiith DNA

Volume 34  Number 17  April 30 - May 7, 2015

Reviews, News and Commentaries

American medical education at a crossroadsExternal Web Site Icon 
Feldman A, et al. Sci Transl Med 29 April 2015: Vol. 7, Issue 285, p. 285fs17
Is precision medicine the route to a healthy world?External Web Site Icon
Coote JH, et al. Lancet 2015 April 25
Exploring why some people get fitter than others,External Web Site Icon by Gretchen Reynolds, The New York Times, Apr 29
Personalized medicine: Time for one-person trials,External Web Site Icon by Nicholas J. Schork, Nature News, Apr 29
Consumer DNA firms get serious about drug development,External Web Site Icon by Erika Check Hayden, Nature News, Apr 28
Consumer genomics is already here,External Web Site Icon by John Sterling, GEN Blog, Apr 28
Scanxiety with Lynch syndrome,External Web Site Icon Cure Today, Apr 28
Gene therapy moves towards the mainstream, External Web Site Icon Genomics Education Programme, Apr 27
Why whole-genome testing hurts more than it helps,External Web Site Icon by H. Gilbert Welch and Wylie Burke, LA Times, Apr 27
The rise of the microbiome: Challenges and opportunities,External Web Site Icon by Jonathan Eisen, Slideshare, Apr 24
Precision medicine revolution hits cost and tech barriers,External Web Site Icon by Meredith Knight, Genetic Literacy Project, Apr 20

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