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Genomics|Update|Non Communicable Diseases

Genomics|Update|Non Communicable Diseases

Non Communicable Diseases wiith DNA

Volume 34  Number 29  May 21-28, 2015

Reviews, News and Commentaries

Nutrigenomics: A controversyExternal Web Site Icon
Pavlidis C Applied and Translational Genomics 2015 March
Precision medicine is here, break out your walletExternal Web Site Icon
Hafez N Applied and Translational Genomics 2015 March
Weighing the promises of big genomics,External Web Site Icon by David Dobbs, Buzz Feed, May 21
CRISPR battles on two fronts,External Web Site Icon by Rebecca Burbidge, PHG Foundation, May 20
Israel mulls setting up a population-scale genetic database,External Web Site Icon by Nick Paul Taylor, Fierce Biotech IT, May 19
Doctors, parents try to unravel SCN8A gene's role in epilepsy,External Web Site Icon by Michael Halpern, Scientific American Blog , May 18
Human ingenuity takes on cancer’s Darwinian ways,External Web Site Icon by George Johnson, New York Times, May 18
Rise of the superbugs?External Web Site Icon By Dr Laura Blackburn, PHG Foundation, May 15

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