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News from NIAID-Supported Institutions

News from NIAID-Supported Institutions

Here’s your periodic update on News from NIAID-Supported Institutions. The following links will take you to the institution’s press release:
Dormant Viruses Re-Emerge in Patients with Lingering Sepsis, Signaling Immune Suppression   
June 11, 2014—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Study Finds How Protein Blocks HIV Life Cycle in Elite Controllers   
June 11, 2014—Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

TB Dogma Upended: Even Uninfected Cells Trigger Immune Defenses  
June 11, 2014—NYU Langone Medical Center

Genes Found in Nature Yield 1918-Like Virus with Pandemic Potential  
June 11, 2014—University of Wisconsin-Madison

A Key Step Toward a Safer Strep Vaccine  
June 11, 2014—University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

Infant Immune Systems Learn Fast, but Have Short Memories  
June 11, 2014—Cornell University

Herpes Infected Humans Before They Were Human  
June 10, 2014—University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
Finding Could Lead to New Strategies for Malaria Control  
June 6, 2014—Harvard School of Public Health

HIV Transmission Networks Mapped to Reduce Infection Rate  
June 5, 2014—University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
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