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CDC - Cancer Survivorship

CDC - Cancer Survivorship

Cancer Survivorship

CDC works with public, non-profit, and private partners to create and implement strategies to help the millions of people in the United States and other countries who live with, through, and beyond cancer.


Photo of two peopleCaregivers
A growing number of people face physical, emotional, and financial challenges to provide unpaid care for loved ones with cancer.
Photo of a woman and a manMillions of Survivors
Earlier diagnosis and better treatment and follow-up care allow more people to live many years after a cancer diagnosis.
Photo of a man and a boyCancer Survivorship Research Conference
The 2014 conference will be held in Atlanta on June 18–20.
Photo of Peggie FrancisCDC's Stories of Survivorship
Cancer has touched the lives of many CDC employees. Some of them share their stories and words of wisdom.

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