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EHS Spotlight: EHTER Session, Restaurants, Disaster Response, EPHOC

EHS Spotlight: EHTER Session, Restaurants, Disaster Response, EPHOC

EHS Spotlight: EHTER Session, Restaurants, Disaster Response, EPHOC

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New EHS Spotlight Features:
Condensed EHTER Session,
Restaurant Safety: What You Should Know,
Natural Disaster Resources for EH Practitioners,
EPHOC: Making a Difference?

Sign Up Today: EH Training in Emergency Response Course Sign up today for the condensed version of the EHTER Awareness Level course for environmental health professionals. The July 7-8 course provides an overview of the environmental health roles and responsibilities, issues, and challenges faced during emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. The condensed version is a special preconference on at this year’s National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) conference in Washington, DC.  

Also at NEHA: Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) - Join CDC and partners on July 8 at the National Environmental Health Aquatic Symposium, a special preconference at this year’s NEHA conference.    

Restaurant Safety: What You Should Know – Going out to eat? Keep these things in mind when choosing the right restaurant for you and your family. 

Natural Disasters: Resources for EH Practitioners – Links to EHS and CDC resources for environmental health practitioners on disaster preparedness and response. 

Environmental Public Health Online Course (EPHOC) Series: Are We Making a Difference? – Guest columnists Lisa McCormick and Jesse Pevear III discuss successes as well as improvements needed for CDC's EPHOC series. EPHOC is the first of its kind for public health discipline-specific workforce development training. This article is published in the June 2013 issue of the Journal of Environmental Health 

Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis Associated with a Manmade Chlorinated Lake--Tarrant County, Texas, 2008 – Article highlighting the importance of close cooperation among epidemiology, laboratory, and environmental health colleagues in response to recreational water illness outbreaks.

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