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Health IT Video Library: Giving You Information to Improve Your Healthcare | Patients & Families | HealthIT.gov

Health IT Video Library: Giving You Information to Improve Your Healthcare | Patients & Families | HealthIT.gov

Family Caregivers Video Challenge

Two Weeks Left
Enter The Family Caregivers Video Challenge by 12/10The Family Caregivers Video Challenge is an opportunity for you to tell others what health information technology or eHealth tools you’ve used to help you manage a loved one’s healthcare needs—could be a child, spouse, partner or an elderly parent, relative or friend. More than 65 million people in the U.S. provide care for a chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend. And many more care for their kids and manage their family’s care. There are many informational web sites and resources available to help family caregivers understand and cope with the numerous physical, emotional and financial challenges that come with caring for a loved one.

Share Your Story and Inspire OthersOur hope is that your story will motivate and inspire others to leverage eHealth or health information technology to manage various aspects of caring for others, such as: managing health care finances, learning more about a health care condition, finding social support or monitoring care remotely.
Cash prizes will be awarded to the best videos and winning videos will appear on HealthIT.gov. Participants are encouraged to share their video with friends and family since the number of views is one of several criteria for winning!
Submit Your Video by December 10To enter, you won’t need highly specialized equipment—a standard video recorder or phone with a video function will work.  To learn more and register for the contest, visit: http://Caregivers.Challenge.gov.
Remember to submit your video by December 10. And please help us spread the word about the contest! Share this blog post or use hashtag #HealthIT4Family. We appreciate your support, and good luck to all contestants!
For inspiration, check out the winning videos from past video contests at http://www.healthit.gov/patients-families/multimedia.

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