martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Quality Improvement Series

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New CAHPS Podcast: A Breakthrough Approach to Improving Communication with Patients

The eighth podcast in a series focused on quality improvement features Wendy Leebov, president and CEO of Leebov Golde & Associates. In this podcast, Wendy discusses specific communication strategies that health professionals can use to significantly enhance patients’ experience with care and, over time, improve scores on patient experience surveys.
Access this podcast (20:09 minutes) on the CAHPS Web site at

Check out the other podcasts in this series:

Practical Strategies for Gathering Feedback Directly from Patients (Audio): Susan Edgman-Levitan, executive director of the Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation at Massachusetts General Hospital and co-principal investigator on the Yale CAHPS Team, discusses the importance of getting patient feedback and various methods for collecting that feedback to help you better understand and improve your CAHPS scores.
Identifying Areas to Improve (Audio): Donna Farley, senior health policy analyst at RAND and co-lead of the RAND CAHPS Team, discusses how to identify specific areas to improve within your health care organization and how to develop an effective plan to accomplish your quality improvement goals.
Advancing Quality Through Teamwork at Multiple Level (Audio): Marjie Harbrecht, CEO of HealthTeamWorks, discusses the benefits of expanding teamwork to include patients and families, health care practices, and medical neighborhoods.
The Role of Human Resources Staff in Improvement Efforts (Video): Wendy Leebov, president and CEO of Leebov Golde & Associates, discusses the key roles that human resources staff can play in advancing quality improvement in health care organizations.
The Role of Leadership in Improvement Efforts (Audio): Gregg Meyer, formerly the senior vice president of Massachusetts General Hospital and Physicians Organization and director of the Edward P. Lawrence Center for Quality and Safety, discusses the importance of leadership to support quality improvement efforts.
Creating an Improvement Culture (Video): Patrick Jordan, chief operating officer of Newton-Wellesley Hospital, discusses the importance of having a positive organizational culture to support the hospital’s commitment to improving patients’ experiences with care.
The Case for Improving Patient Experience (Audio): Dr. Larry Morrissey, medical director of quality improvement at the Stillwater Medical Group, discusses the value of and business case for improving patient experience.

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