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Webinar Series on Public Health & Child Maltreatment Prevention: News from CDC's Injury Center

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New Webinar Series
Public Health & Child Maltreatment Prevention  

Baby faceEvery year in the U.S., Child Protective Services receives millions of reports of children being abused and neglected. CDC research shows the lifetime financial cost of child abuse and neglect is comparable to some of our nation’s biggest health problems, like type-2 diabetes and stroke.
Effective prevention efforts require many people and agencies working together toward the same goal: reducing the number of children who are harmed or die due to abuse and neglect. State health departments play a critical role in promoting safe, stable and nurturing relationships for children so that they can reach their full potential.
The Public Health Leadership for Child Maltreatment Prevention Initiative (PHL)* is hosting a three-part webinar series that will highlight strategies and tools for state public health departments to address child maltreatment prevention.

Webinar Schedule:

Webinar Topics – Learn how North Carolina has:
  • Established a leadership role for the health department in child maltreatment prevention
  • Leveraged resources to increase uptake of evidence-based practice
  • Developed cross-sector partnerships and collaborations
  • Shared challenges, successes and lessons learned
Speakers Include:
  • Welcome from Laura Gerald, MD, MPH
    State Health Director
    North Carolina Division of Public Health
  • Catherine Joyner, MSW
    Executive Director, Child Maltreatment Prevention Leadership Team
    North Carolina Division of Public Health
  • Rhett Mabry
    Vice President
    The Duke Endowment
  • Rosie Allen Ryan
    President and CEO
    Prevent Child Abuse, North Carolina

Learn More

Child Maltreatment Prevention
CDC’s work to promote safe, stable, and nurturing relationships for children and to prevent child maltreatment
Public Health Leadership Initiative (PHL)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vetoviolence
*The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation supports the PHL Initiative, in partnership with the CDC Foundation, and the Division of Violence Prevention of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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