viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Restructuring the NIAID Clinical Trials Networks: NIAID Issues Clinical Trials Units Funding Announceme​nt

RFA-AI-12-018: Clinical Trials Units for NIAID Networks (UM1)
NIAID has issued a new request for applications (RFA) to establish clinical trials units (CTUs) for its clinical research networks. The new funding announcement is being issued in connection with NIAID's larger effort to revamp its existing HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks.

The new RFA is designed to solicit applications for CTUs focused on the following six research areas: 1) adult HIV therapeutic strategies, including HIV cure, noninfectious co-morbidities, and the infectious co-morbidities of hepatitis and tuberculosis; 2) strategies to address HIV and HIV-associated infections in pediatric and maternal populations; 3) integrated HIV prevention strategies; 4) microbicide strategies to prevent HIV infections; 5) vaccines to prevent HIV infections; and 6) strategies to address antibacterial resistance. Applications are due by Jan. 29, 2013.

To view the RFA, go to: For the latest information on NIAID's clinical trials network restructuring process, see:

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Restructuring the NIAID Clinical Trials Networks
RFA-AI-12-018: Clinical Trials Units for NIAID Networks (UM1)

Restructuring the NIAID Clinical Trials Networks

NIAID is looking to expand upon the success of its six current HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks to create an infrastructure capable of performing both HIV/AIDS research and research involving non-HIV/AIDS infectious diseases. The awards currently supporting the six HIV/AIDS networks are set to expire in 2013 and 2014.
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