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Children and Teens with Paralysis - Spinal Cord Injury - Paralysis Research Center

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Children and Teens with Paralysis - Spinal Cord Injury - Paralysis Research Center

Children and Teens with Paralysis

Children and Teens with Paralysis Any time a family member becomes paralyzed, your world turns upside down. A new set of stressors enter your life and the world as you knew it is changed. When this happens to your young child or teen, it can seem overwhelming. As a parent of a young child or teen with paralysis, you need to focus on a number of areas of your child's life.

Kids with New Injury

Kids with New Injury This document breaks down frequently asked questions and provides resources. It is important to realize that your child's age will play a key role in what rehabilitation centers are available to them. Read more.

Health Care Coverage

Health Care Coverage Your health insurance will play a critical role in determining where your child can go for rehabilitation. In the early days post injury, it is important to contact your insurance and ask for a case manager based on your child's injury and future health care needs. Read more.

Books and Videos for Children and Teens

Books and Videos for Children and Teens Helping children understand paralysis, wheelchairs and disability can be a difficult task. Children learn easily from books, videos and activities such as coloring. Teens may not want to ask an adult questions, but are more likely to search out answers via the web or books. Read more.


Education There are a variety of educational programs to assist your child. Most fall under The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Eligibility for these programs is based on the child's age and needs. IDEA is the major federal law that addresses the needs of children with disabilities. Read more.

Back to School in a Chair

Back to School in a Chair Back-to-school supplies include books, pencils, new clothes and for some, wheelchairs. Here are some insights from professionals, parents, and students of all ages who will be hearing the school bell ring this coming fall. Read more.


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