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Redesigned AIDSinfo Web Site | AIDSinfo

New Look and Feel for Redesigned AIDSinfo and infoSIDA Web Sites

December 1, 2011

logo Redesigned AIDSinfo Web Site AIDSinfo
On December 1, AIDSinfo joins people and organizations worldwide in observing World AIDS Day. In keeping with this year’s theme—Leading with Science, Uniting for Action—AIDSinfo is pleased to release the redesigned AIDSinfo and infoSIDA Web sites. These sister sites offer health care providers, researchers, people affected by HIV/AIDS, and others joined in the fight against HIV/AIDS science-based, federally approved information on HIV treatment and research, including medical practice guidelines and treatment and prevention research studies.

The amount of HIV/AIDS information on the AIDSinfo Web sites and the ways it is made available have grown greatly over the years. That growth prompted redesign of the sites to give them a harmonious look and feel and help users find information quickly and easily.

Redesign of the AIDSinfo and infoSIDA Web sites began with research to better understand the needs of the sites’ users. User research for both sites included a Web-based survey and direct observation of volunteers using the sites (usability testing). The research identified three goals:
  • Reorganization of content to make information on the sites easier to find
  • Improvement and standardization of navigation to make the sites easier to use
  • Tailoring of infoSIDA to reflect the needs of its primary audience—Spanish-speaking HIV-infected individuals, their family members and friends, and HIV case managers and outreach workers
AIDSinfo also considered Web design best practices before redesigning the sites. Design choices such as use of coloring, spacing, and photos are intended to make information more visible and improve the user experience.

The following sections detail the changes made to improve the organization and navigation of the AIDSinfo and infoSIDA Web sites and to tailor infoSIDA to meet the needs of its primary audience.

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