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Covid-19 airborne transmission WHO don't show evidence available

Covid-19 airborne transmission WHO don't show evidence available


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Covid-19 airborne transmission

Covid-19, airborne transmission and information management.

"The inability to control outbreaks of the pandemic months after its onset..."  The grim epidemiological data regarding the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, and specifically in Spain, pose a challenge to the work of scientists and public health authorities…
CRISPR ownership

CRISPR: A patent jungles surrounding the ownership of the Cas9 system

The scientific merit of the gene-editing technique CRISPR pioneers has been overshadowed in recent years by a patent war that has not yet ended. CRISPR ownership main dispute between the Broad Institute at Harvard University... the genome editors that has finally received a Nobel … Read more.


CRISPR genome editing discoverers

CRISPR genome editing researhers awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020

Our Observatory has published many articles about gene-editing advances in biomedicine and their bioethical implications. The technique has become popular in laboratories around the world, with applications… Read more.
Genome editing reproductive option

Genome editing as a reproductive option to avoid inherited diseases. Ethical concerns

It is well known that there are different options available to couples who are at risk of transmitting a genetic disease to their children to try to avoid it. A recent article on this topic assesses the possibility of using genome editing… Read more.
euthanasia law effect

The slippery slope of euthanasia after legalization. Netherlands example

One in 25 people is killed by doctors in Holland frequently mental ill patients Now recent official data confirms that noting has improved the attack on the life… Read more.
Palliative care in developed countries should improve

A study concluded that palliative care and end of life issues are being neglected

JAMA Surg. has published a report titled Palliative Care and End-of-Life Outcomes Following High-Risk Surgery (Original investigation). The issue has bioethics implications and is a matter that concerns the difficulty of access to adequate palliative care…Read more.
HIV few vaccinations

A recent large HPV vaccine study strongly supports the urgent need for universal vaccination

HPV vaccination urgent necessity due to the severe increase of STDs in Western countries. Its efficiency is supported by a recent study… Read more.


embryos fresh or frozen options

The strategy to use frozen embryos in IVF could help to resolve the collapsing of fertility clinics capacity of storage

Two large studies concluded that embryos fresh or frozen options It has the same results but indeed different bioethical implications.…
Down people discrimination

Down people discrimination before birth in the UK

Basic human rights are not for them. Our Observatory already published the risk of discrimination before the birth of this collective given the new Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT). We feared that the number of children aborted for having Down’s syndrome will rise due to the implementation…
Teen suicide prevention

Less suicide by handguns in adolescents in some States. Teen suicide prevention in the US has hopeful news

In 2018, there were more than 48,000 suicides in the United States, particularly among adolescents. In fact, suicide was the second leading cause of death in this age group after unintentional injuries…
social robots moral status

The moral status of social robots. Could robots have conscience?

Can robots have significant moral status? An emerging issue among roboticists and bioethicists. An article published in Science and Engineering Ethics makes three contributions to this debate, the one of the them  is “behaviorism”…
artificial skin

Laboratory experiments achieve the first step to manufacture skin that electronically responds to painful stimuli

A recent article published in the American journal Advanced Intelligent Systems entitled Artificial Somatosensors: Feedback Receptors for Electronic Skins reported that artificial skin that reacts to pain emulating natural skin appears…
Drug overdosis deaths evolution in the US, bioethical issues

Evolution and bioethical issues of the drug abuse epidemic in the US

The increasing overdoses death in the United States is an issue that worries health care authorities and bioethicists. Are prevention campaigns obtaining positive results? Can doctors do better in the prescription of these drugs?  In this respect, we commented… Read more.

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