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Tuesday News Round-Up: Monday Motivational Message: “Working Medicine”; Navy Researchers Identify Bacteria in Human Serum; Joint Medical Exercise Trains for Future Interoperability - Monday Motivational Message: “Working Medicine”

Motivational Monday

Monday Motivational Message: “Working Medicine”

Last week I was given a golden opportunity: I served as a judge for a chili cook-off hosted by one of Fort Bragg’s medical units. I thought I was in chili heaven when I saw all those crockpots lined up with various types of chili. They had chili that ranged from mild to sweet and from hot to “clear-your-sinus” hot. I sampled all 17 pots and enjoyed a few of them so much, I eventually grabbed a bowl and a piece of cornbread and over indulged on my favorite.  

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Navy Researchers Identify Bacteria in Human Serum

The rate of infectious complications in the U.S. military is approximately 35 percent for combat casualties. Early diagnosis of bacterial agents in the field is critical for the survival and care of wounded warfighters. Advances in diagnostic capabilities that are well suited to field conditions can aid in prevention of infectious complications. Read More ...


Joint Medical Exercise Trains for Future Interoperability

One of the largest Defense Department field medical training exercises, combining 1,600 active-duty and reserve personnel from 17 states and three countries, wrapped up June 26. Exercises Global Medic and Combined Joint Atlantic Serpent came together for the first time beginning June 6 at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, for the two-week exercise involving U.S., British and Canadian medical forces, Joint Staff officials said. Read More ...

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