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Big Picture Health: We’re Putting People at the Center of Their Care

Dept. of Health & Human Services
July 14, 2015
By: Nancy Beran, Thornwood, New York
I went into medicine for one reason: I wanted to help people. And five years ago, my practice was fortunate enough to embark on a transformation that helped us provide our patients with greater access to higher quality care.
Westchester Health, where I am chief medical officer, is a practice of 120 physicians and other health care professionals spread over 50 sites. Ultimately we’re a group of many small practices, but thanks to improvements we’ve made to how we do business, we’ve been able to innovate, evolve, and become leaders in delivering care to our patients.
One big change that has helped us grow is the use of cutting-edge technology like electronic health records. With EHRs, our various doctors and specialists can track patient medical histories, reduce errors, speed information particularly in emergencies and provide a continuum of care.
This kind of information has also allowed us to address the big-picture health of our practice. By mining insurers’ data and adding our own electronic health records, we have learned more about our entire patient population health, and we’ve been able to better assess how our doctors are doing. For example, we’ve produced reports that allow us to view our diabetic patient population and analyze the date of their last visit, the results of their lab work, and other information.
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