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ACL Awards Grant to Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation for Paralysis Resource Center

July 1, 2015

ACL Funds Resource Center for People Living with Paralysis


Approximately a quarter of a million Americans live with spinal cord injuries and an additional 4 to 5 million people in this country are affected by paralysis of the extremities. For many, obtaining reliable information about paralysis, and gaining access to opportunities that increase independence, self-confidence, and the ability to participate in their communities can be a challenge. To help address this issue, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) recently awarded a three-year grant to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to sponsor the Paralysis Resource Center (PRC).
The mission of the PRC is to provide comprehensive information and resources for people living with paralysis and their families. Resources for spinal cord injury, paralysis and mobility–related disabilities are available through information and referral by phone and email, in multiple languages including English and Spanish. The PRC also offers a variety of services and programs such as a national peer and family support mentoring program; a military and veterans program; multicultural outreach services; a free lending library; quality of life grants; and a national website.
More information is available on the Paralysis Resources Center program at ACL. Resources for people living with paralysis can be found on the Reeve Foundation website.

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