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More Research Needed on Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention: Injury Center News

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While important efforts are underway, research on the effects of state policy and systems-level interventions on prescription drug overdose are limited and inconsistent, according to a new CDC article in Drug and Alcohol Dependence.
How to Improve Prescribing and Use While Protecting Patient Health
Over the past several years as the opioid overdose epidemic has received increased attention, states have made astounding gains in using innovative prevention strategies.
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Some promising strategies include ones that focus on:
  • Reducing inappropriate prescribing among health care providers, such as prescription drug monitoring programs, guidelines, pain clinic legislation, and insurer strategies; and
  • Overdose response, such as naloxone distribution programs
Unfortunately, studies evaluating the effects of interventions are limited in number, and the quality of the studies is low.
How to Advance the Research
Academic institutions, research organizations, and state agencies can partner to conduct rigorous evaluations of policies and practices. Improving the evidence base can help states, regulatory agencies, and organizations make informed choices about policies and practices that will improve prescribing and use, while protecting patient health.
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Learn more about the impact of state policy and systems-level interventions on prescription drug overdose and the prescription drug overdose epidemic:

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