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Health Communication Science Digest -- September 2014

Health Communication Science Digest -- September 2014

Dear colleagues,

The September issue of Health Communication Science Digest (HCSD or Digest) is now available at http://www.cdc.gov/healthcommunication/ScienceDigest/index.html
This month we celebrate publications by several of our CDC colleagues! Cynthia Baur(OADC/OCS) and Chris Prue (NCEZID/OD) published “The CDC Clear Communication Index is a new evidence-based tool to prepare and review health information” in Health Promotion PracticeAngela Dunbar (NCEZID/DHQP), Eric Tai(NCCDPHP/DCPC/CCCB), and Lisa Richardson (NCBDDP/DBD) coauthored “Preventing infections during cancer treatment” in Clinical Journal of Oncology NursingDonatus Ekwueme (NCCDPHP/DCPC/EASB), Cindy Gelb (NCCDPHP/DCPC/OD), and Sun Rim(NCCDPHP/DCPC/EASB) coauthored “Analysis of the benefits and costs of a national campaign to promote colorectal cancer screening: CDC’s Screen for Life—national colorectal cancer action campaign” in Health Promotion Practice, And Denise Levis(NCBDDD/DBDDD/PRB) and Betsy Mitchell (NCBDDD/OD/HCSO) coauthored with Lynch “Understanding women’s preconception health goals: Audience segmentation strategies for a preconception health campaign” in Social Marketing Quarterly. Congratulations to all for these informative works! 
Also in the Digest this month are reports of innovative research (Harris, et al.; Knowlden & Sharma; Luchman, et al.; Smith, et al.; Young, et al.)on new media and health, involving issues such as foodborne illness identification, pediatric obesity prevention, and HIV prevention. Studies of mass media message effects on health (Beaudoin; Feldman, et al.; Kim, et al.), health literacy (Ownby, et al.; Shoemaker, et al.), and health information dissemination (Friedman, et al.; Gubrium, et al.; Walkosz, et al.) are also reported. And, several studies examine health message design factors (Bekalu & Eggermont; Cornelis, et al.; Go, et al.; Park & Cameron).
Please remember that you can access all issues of the “Health Communication Science Digest” series online via the searchable Health Communication Science Digest Archive.
We hope that you find the Health Communication Science Digest useful and invite you to provide us with feedback for improvement. Please send us articles that you would like to share with others—articles you or your colleagues have published or found useful.
Please send your comments and questions to HCSD@cdc.gov.
Doğan Eroğlu
Associate Director for Communication Science
Office of the Associate Director for Communication
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA

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