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Elder Abuse|Violence Prevention|Injury Center|CDC

Elder Abuse|Violence Prevention|Injury Center|CDC

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Elder Abuse

General Information

Scientific Information

  • Definitions: Consistent definitions are necessary for obtaining accurate and reliable estimates of elder abuse.
  • Data Sources: Data, including the number of violence-related injuries and deaths, help define the magnitude of the problem.
  • Risk & Protective Factors: Risk and protective factors are important considerations in the development of prevention programs.
  • Consequences: Elder abuse can have a devastating impact on victims, families, and communities.
  • Prevention Strategies: Knowledge about what works to prevent elder abuse is growing.
  • Translation: Strategies for distributing prevention information and ensuring widespread adoption within communities.
If you are, or if you suspect that someone you know, is the victim of elder abuse, please call:
National Center on Elder Abuse's Elder Care Locator at 1-800-667-1116.
Visit their Web site for more information.

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