viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

News from NIAID-Supported Institutions

News from NIAID-Supported Institutions

Here’s your periodic update on News from NIAID-Supported Institutions. The following links will take you to the institution’s press release:

Professor Dennis Burton: In Search of an Effective HIV/AIDS Vaccine 
September 15, 2014—The Scripps Research Institute
New Insights in Survival Strategies of Bacteria  
September 14, 2014—VIB (the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology)
Geneva & Partners in Development of Ebola Drug 
September 12, 2014—The Geneva Foundation
Study Sheds Light on Asthma and Respiratory Viruses  
September 9, 2014—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
Unusual Immune Cell Needed to Prevent Oral Thrush, Pitt Researchers Find 
September 8, 2014—University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Suppressing Food Allergies Quickly Is the Goal of UC Research Team 
September 8, 2014—University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Team Identifies Important Regulators of Immune Cell Response  
September 8, 2014—The Scripps Research Institute
MCW Scientists to Investigate New Therapy for Obstructive Lung Disease 
September 4, 2014—The Medical College of Wisconsin

Avian Influenza Virus Isolated in Harbor Seals Poses a Threat to Humans 
September 4, 2014—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Leaky Gut—A Source of Non-AIDS Complications in HIV-Positive Patients 
September 3, 2014—Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

War Between Bacteria and Phages Benefits Humans  
September 2, 2014—Tufts University

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