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Million Hearts | Features | CDC

Million Hearts | Features | CDC


Million Hearts

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For low-sodium recipes, check out the new Million Hearts® resource center.
The Million Hearts® Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Resource Center offers numerous healthful, family-friendly, tasty recipes, along with lifestyle tips, customizable meal plans, and more. You can start by browsing through hundreds of ideas for every meal. If time is an issue, search by how long a dish will take to make. Need to feed a group? Choose a recipe by how many servings you need.
The online resource center offers practical, accessible eating and lifestyle-based solutions for people looking for ways to reduce sodium in their diet and create heart-healthy, tasty meals that they and their families will love. All the featured recipes include nutritional facts and have been proven to work in EatingWell's test kitchen.
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All featured recipes include nutritional facts and have been proven to work in EatingWell's test kitchen.
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Articles on the site range in topic from healthiest fruits to tips for busy cooks.

Easy Recipes and Heart-Healthy Resources

How about a customized 4-week meal plan, geared to your weight-loss goals? Not only can the plans be tailored to your specific needs, but they are flexible and easy to use. And you don't have to shop at multiple stores for ingredients you have never heard of either—all recipes use common, everyday ingredients you can find in any grocery store.
If you find something you like so much you want to eat it again instead of following your plan more closely, that's OK too. Plans tell you how to substitute options while staying on track for nutritional goals. What's even better, every recipe is designed to steer clear of harmful types of fat and too much sodium and sugar. You can eat food that tastes good and improves your heart health at the same time!
Having a new source for healthy recipes is good, and whole meal plans are even better, but the new resource center also offers articles to inform and inspire, from "Tips for Busy Meal Makers" to the "7 Ways to Eat More Vegetables." How can you know what fruits are healthiest, how to pick out what's in season, and the meal's nutritional value? It's all there in one easy click. Every article offers proven tips and explains why they work.

Managing Sodium Intake

Excess sodium intake is a major contributor to high blood pressure, a leading cause of heart disease and stroke in the United States. Most Americans eat too much sodium, but the salt shaker is not the real problem. Processed and packaged foods and meals from restaurants provide the vast majority of our dietary sodium each day, which means sodium is already in your food before you buy or order it.
To address that challenge, the Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Resource Center provides just about everything a household needs to take control of meal preparation at home with more from-scratch ingredients. From recipes to shopping lists and menus, the center is designed to help people understand how they can manage their sodium intake and improve their heart health. It's not about giving up the food you and your family love, but choosing lower sodium options that taste great.
Learn more by visiting the Million Hearts® Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Resource Center.
About Million Hearts;
Million Hearts® is a national initiative to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes by 2017. Led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Learn more about howMillion Hearts® brings together communities, health systems, nonprofit organizations, federal agencies, and private-sector partners from across the country to fight heart disease and stroke.

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