martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

Breaking! OWH Social Media News

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You might’ve noticed you’re not seeing as many of our posts on Facebook. We’re still here! Due tochanges on Facebook’s end, you’re getting fewer posts from us and other organizations in your daily News Feed. But if you want to keep up with the latest girls’ health information, here are some simple steps you can take: Visit our page, like and comment on our posts, and share your favorites with your friends! The more you interact with us, the more you’ll see us in your News Feed. If you want to be sure you never miss a post, you can also sign up for notifications. Just go to our page, click the arrow next to “Liked,” and select “Get Notifications.” It’s easy!
In other social media news, we’re on Pinterest! If you love pinning as much as we do, follow our girls’ health board. We’re excited to share information that’s important to you and the girls in your life.
Can’t get enough from OWH? Check out our Twitter account.

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