lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Reviews, News & Commentaries


Genomics & Health Impact Update

Reviews, News & Commentaries

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Science-ready — enabling public health research during disasters,External Web Site Icon by Paula Whitacre, NIEHS Environmental Factor, July 2014
The hunt for a new human reference genome,External Web Site Icon by Aaron Krol, BIoIT World, Jun 30
NIH Research Matters: Rare mutations reduce heart disease risk,External Web Site Icon NIH, Jun 30
UK project to sequence 1,500 genomes in search of genes involved in ALS,External Web Site Icon Genome Web, Jun 30 [by free subscription only]
Defining the role of the bioinformatician,External Web Site Icon by Sobia Raza, PHG Foundation, Jun 2014 
Genetic studies in isolated populations: Greenland,External Web Site Icon by Dan Koboldt, Massgenomics Blog,  Jun 27
The triumph of genomic medicine is just beginning,External Web Site Icon by Vivek Wadhwa, Digital Health Living, Jun 24

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