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Updated Genital Herpes Training for Clinicians

Updated Genital Herpes Training for Clinicians

Updated Genital Herpes Training for Clinicians

Updated Genital Herpes Clinical Training Now Available 
Genital Herpes Self Study Module - Web-based training course designed to guide clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of genital herpes. Continuing education credits available. 
Ready to Use Genital Herpes Curriculum for Clinical Educators - Comprehensive curricular materials that can be downloaded by clinical educators for classroom use. Each module contains a slide presentation, an instructor's guide, a case study, and test questions.

Ready-To-Use STD Curriculum - Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)

Files in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format download very quickly because of their small size but cannot be modified. If you want to customize the presentations, use the Microsoft Word (.docx) and PowerPoint (.pptx) documents. These documents take a little longer to download but can be edited.
The instructional time required for this module is approximately 60-90 minutes.
Faculty Notes
 Includes notes that correspond to the slide presentation, a case study with discussion points, and test questions with answers
hsv-notes-2014.docx Microsoft Word file (1.01 MB)
hsv-notes-2014.pdf Adobe PDF file (602 KB)
Slide Presentationhsv-slides-2014.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint file (1.39 MB)
hsv-slides-2014.pdf Adobe PDF file (1.15 MB)
Student Handouts
Test Questions
 For review or evaluation purposes
hsv-questions-2014.docx Microsoft Word file (27 KB)

hsv-questions-2014.pdf Adobe PDF file (35 KB)
Case Study
 For classroom discussion
hsv-case-study-2014.docx Microsoft Word file (22 KB)

hsv-case-study-2014.pdf Adobe PDF file (32 KB)
Slides- Slide presentation in handout formathsv-slides-handout-2014.pdf Adobe PDF file (307 KB)
Publications and websites
hsv-resources-2014.docx Microsoft Word file (27 KB)

hsv-resources-2014.pdf Adobe PDF file(53 KB)

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