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Prescription Drug Abuse: MedlinePlus

Prescription Drug Abuse: MedlinePlus


Prescription Drug Abuse

Most people take medicines only for the reasons their doctors prescribe them. But an estimated 20 percent of people in the United States have used prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons. This is prescription drug abuse. It is a serious and growing problem.
Abusing some prescription drugs can lead to addiction. You can develop an addiction to:
  • Narcotic painkillers
  • Sedatives and tranquilizers
  • Stimulants
Experts don't know exactly why this type of drug abuse is increasing. The availability of drugs is probably one reason. Doctors are prescribing more drugs for more health problems than ever before. Online pharmacies make it easy to get prescription drugs without a prescription, even for youngsters.
NIH: National Institute on Drug Abuse

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Prescription Drug Abuse Update

New on the MedlinePlus Prescription Drug Abuse page:
07/17/2013 07:00 PM EDT

Fraudulent claims of pain, few checks and balances mean the practice is rife, study authors say
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