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National Guideline Clearinghouse | Stem cell transplantation in lymphoma.

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National Guideline Clearinghouse | Stem cell transplantation in lymphoma.

National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC)

July 1, 2013

Guideline Title

Stem cell transplantation in lymphoma.

Bibliographic Source(s)

Kouroukis CT, Rumble RB, Kuruvilla J, Crump M, Herst J, Hamm C. Stem cell transplantation in lymphoma. Toronto (ON): Cancer Care Ontario; 2012 Dec 13. 23 p. (Recommendation report; no. SCT-4).  [28 references]
Guideline Status

This is the current release of the guideline.
This guideline updates a previous version: Imrie K, Rumble RB, Crump M, Advisory Panel on Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation, Hematology Disease Site Group. Stem cell transplantation in adults: recommendations. Toronto (ON): Cancer Care Ontario Program in Evidence-based Care; 2009 Jan 30. 78 p. (Recommendation report; no. 1).
The RECOMMENDATION REPORT, initially the full original Guideline, over time will expand to contain new information emerging from their reviewing and updating activities.
Please visit the Cancer Care Ontario Web site External Web Site Policy for details on any new evidence that has emerged and implications to the guidelines.

Program in Evidence-Based Care (PEBC), Cancer Care Ontario (CCO)
Stem Cell Transplantation in Lymphoma
C.T. Kouroukis, R.B. Rumble, J. Kuruvilla, M. Crump, J. Herst, and C. Hamm
Report Date: December 13, 2012
The full Recommendation Report SCT-4 is comprised of 2 sections
and is available on the CCO website (http://www.cancercare.on.ca)
PEBC Collaborative Projects page at:
Section 1: Recommendations
Section 2: Summary of Methods and Evidence
For further information about this series, please contact:
Dr. Tom Kouroukis; Chair, Stem Cell Transplant Steering Committee
Juravinski Cancer Centre, 3rd Floor, 699 Concession Street
Hamilton, ON, L8V 5C2
Phone: 905-575-7820 Fax: 905-575-6340 E-mail: tom.kouroukis@jcc.hhsc.ca
For information about the PEBC and the most current version of all reports, please visit the
CCO website at http://www.cancercare.on.ca/ or contact the PEBC office at:
Phone: 905-527-4322 ext. 42822 Fax: 905-526-6775 E-mail: ccopgi@mcmaster.ca
Recommendation Report Citation (Vancouver Style): Kouroukis C.T., Rumble R.B., Kuruvilla J., Crump
M., Herst J., and Hamm C. Stem Cell Transplantation in Lymphoma. Toronto (ON): Cancer Care
Ontario (CCO); 2013 Dec 13. Program in Evidence-based Care (PEBC) Recommendation Report No.: SCT-

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